Mt.Kabuyao-maintain its greatness

Mt.Kabuyao, always mistaken as Cabuyao, is probably the most camped mountain in Baguio City. Access to its camping grounds is very easy and even hikers with little or no experience can trek there without breaking a sweat. It is very easy to locate this mountain because of the two disc shaped radio transmitters or more known as “ra-dar” by the local people. After seeing this landmark, you only have to hike down for 30mins or so and you will reach the camping site in the area. This is also the most abused campsite in Baguio because a lot of tourists don’t pick their trashes and so the campsite is slowly deteriorating.

This is a very interesting campsite because of the cave that you will see there. It is just a small cave where you can enter and leave quickly if you want to. This cave serves as a burial ground of the Igorot ancestors. This is why you will see bones inside the cave although most of them are now lost because of, again, the visitors of the mountain. The campsite if very convenient and spacious, it can accommodate up to 20 people.

The campsite offers a scenic view of the city of Baguio and Mt.Sto Tomas. You should watch out for the lights of Baguio, the city will look like a giant Christmas light. You should also be able to view the summit of Mt.Pulag from this mountain. Also, the sunrise is majestic in this place. While the cool air breeze is in your face, you can’t help but smile at the beauty of the sunrise. Kabuyao can also be your route to Mt.Sto Tomas; it will just be a 2 kilometer trek.

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  1. I am from Canada and camp a lot here. How do most folks camp around the campgrounds of Baguio City? Is the camping free? If not are there Free Campsites in your country that people know of and can camp at. I guess you could camp for free on any mountain that you want if there is no one living close by eh?

    Then again, being from Canada, I only have to worry about Bears and Cougars when camping…which is not a problem. But in the Philippines I think I would be more worried about huge spiders and snakes!

    • There are no fees for camping in the mountains of Baguio, there are people who live nearby the campsites but you don’t need to pay them. all you have to do is smile at them. You also don’t need to worry about snakes here in cordillera, there are no poisonous snakes in this part of the country. You should visit here sometime so you can experience camping in our mountains

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