Naka Creek Camping

At Naka Creek you will enjoy 7 Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive

Facilities:Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Site Description:Located on the shores of the scenic Johnstone Straight, not far from the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Naka Creek is a popular launching point for kayakers and a rough (beach) boat launch provides access for fishermen. The campsite itself is very small with only 7 units. An adjacent open, grassy area (site of old logging camp) currently provides overflow camping space. Great area for watching Orca whales and other marine mammals. (Please become familiar with the “Guidelines for watching marine wildlife”, and note that landing a boat in the Bight is restricted.)

Driving Directions:From Campbell River, follow Highway 19 for 85 km (1-hr drive). Slow down and watch for the turn on the right (at 85.3 km). Turn right onto Eve River Main (gravel) and follow the mainline for 17 km (25 minutes if you’re not towing anything). Turn left on to the E.N. Hookup road which is a little rougher than the mainline, a few potholes to dodge but not too bad. Follow the hookup road for 13 km, then bear right for another 2 km. Travel past the log dump area and you will come to the recreation site (25 minutes or so from the Eve River junction).

Naka Creek Free Camping

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  1. I spent the night here on May 31, 2012 while paddling north through the Inside Passage. The steep gravel beach adjacent to the camping area is perfect for landing and launching kayaks at all tide levels.
    There is plenty of space to camp on a grassy lawn and a few picnic tables are located in designated camping spots. The camping area is watched over by a caretaker who lives on-site and will collect a small camping fee. Bathrooms are simple pit toilets and well water is available from the caretakers house.
    Naka Creek is accessable by a steep gravel road that I was told by the caretaker can take a toll on vehicles attempting to reach the camping area from the main highway. Towed vehicles such as trailer campers are not recommended to take this road. There were no other campers here on the night of my visit.

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