Terrace Mountain Vista - drive to the top and get the best 360 panorama of the Okanagan

Terrace Mountain is a high point on the Thompson Plateau.  From Kelwona B.C., take Westside Road, just west of the William R. Bennett Bridge on Okanagan Lake, then travel past Bear Creek Provincial Park – about 1.5 km and turn left onto Bear Creek Main Forest Service Road.  Leave Bear Creek Main FSR at the 13 Km marker and turn Right (North) onto Esperon Forest Service Road. Drive to the top of Terrace MountainTake a right on a good dirt road that is located near the 21 to 23 km Esperon Road markers.

Camp for free at Duo Via Lake or Christie Lake and hike to the top of Terrace Mountain.

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  1. went on an epic adventure in the terrace mountain area on nov.8 2009. there are some cool old mines in the area, many are still open if you really want a crazy adventure. we could not drive to the top due to the 20cm of snow, but we got pretty close and walked the last 1.5 km to the summit. sweet views. sketchy road in winter, even with a 4×4. check it out.

  2. Hey Darkest1, Thanks for the awesome intel on Terrace Mountain. I am stoked to hear that there are old mines up there. Has anyone else heard of that? Can you give some directions? If you email them or pics and / or GPS tracks that would be better and I will make a new post of them as well. Just wanted to let you know as well that we still have the draw running and though it is taking a little time, we are getting closer to the 1000 entries required to make the draw…Good Luck! (every comment gets one entry, for more draw details see http://tracksandtrails.ca/category/free-draw/ )

  3. i can’t find any email address for you anywhere on the site. is it just me? i’d be happy to send pics and gps if you can direct me to an email. thanks.

    • Thanks for the reply. I just sent you an email. Other than the contact page above, I do not post my email address here as spammers have a too much time on their hands. Alternately, you can register by using the link at the top right and upload pics etc.
      Look forward to seeing your email, cheers

  4. Hi, we were up there last week, 070314 to the summit.They have decommissioned the road to the top so if you’re hardy with a Jeep Rubicon, 4 wheel locker, 6″ lift and 35″ tires you will make it. It is not for the weak of heart and if you have a stock Jeep that’s pretty, don’t try it, or try it if you want but the vehicle won’t look the same when you come down! The worst is the last 1.5km to the top. You will be puckered up. The untraveleable part is where they used a hoe and demolished the road. We made it in and out. A 4X4 quad will make it easier to jump off when you need to. A backroads map of Thompson/Oakanagan is invaluable you will come in at it from the south west, there is a sign to look for 1/2 mile off of the Terace road. We came in from LaCasa and right on the Terrace road but they have removed the cuverts so, like that. We went out towards the Bear main and that was a pleasure. Take beverages and good shoes in case you need to walk out. There is lots of cell service.

  5. On October 19, 2014 I made it to the top of Terrace Mountain.
    After 22km marker, watch for road on right with faded sign on a tree reading, “Terrace Lookout”. A short way up the road you come to a fork with a ground level sign reading, “Terrace Mnt —->” aiming to the right hand road at the fork.

    A bit rugged for the last 1+km’s but my stock 1995 Chevy K1500, 5 speed standard in low range with Wild Country XTX 6 ply tires and a ground clearance of 10″ crawled up the last 2 legs with switchback no problems. Watch out for sharp rocks and high points.

    Lose rocks and stones, rock outcrops as high points in road, decommissioning divots in the road.

    Snow hit the mountain on October 23rd this year. I wouldn’t attempt the trip now.

  6. I was wondering if anyone has been up there yet this year? Made an attempt a few weeks ago, but got a puncture within the first 3km of turning onto the “good dirt road” (which is funny, because it was a good road), and we had to turn back. I want to try again here soon.

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