Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park near Glenmore Dog Park

Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park near the  North Glenmore Dog Park is a great hike.  In the winter you may encounter a few inches of snow. Be prepared even as you take the well groomed trail upward and into the park.

The gem of the park is Lightblue Lake and lies deep within Glenmore Highlands in the heart of the Regional District Park.  Additional “finds” are the surprising view of of Okanagan Lake as you reach the Glenmore Highlands summit high on a small ridge. You’ll also find a few turtles in one of the several ponds found throughout the Highlands.

Now to get to the park and find the lake.   There are two options to enter the park.  The first option is north on Glenmore Rd. towards Winfield. When you see the old Kelowna landfill entry on the right be prepared to turn left into a parking lot for the dog park. Once parked take the trail on the edge of the dog park up to a old overgrown dirt road and go left to enjoy a whole network of trails with lots of wildlife.

I first wrote this article over a decade ago and thank the readers below who have commented. The entire park is now changed due to development and hundreds of new homes. I must say, the development is a true example of how to preserve and enhance green spaces while expanding Kelowna’s housing inventory!

Please email if you have images to contribute.

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    • Hi Grant.

      When I did the hike last I still had my old GPS and it doesn’t download to the computer. ( I have a new one now) I emailed another guy that I hiked with and I am pretty sure he will have a full track that I will get for you – and post here. Talk to you soon.

  1. This need a little work. The proper name is Lightblue Lake. And it’s not the Glenmore Hills; it’s the Glenmore Highlands.

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